Epic Fantasy Genre

Title: Ashes of the Dragon

Summary: Revin is a reliant and tenacious woman, one of the only femailes who hunts and trades wild dragons. A chance to capture a rare golden dragon sends her on a quest to a small village far to the north--deep into uninhabitable mountains—in the heart of a fierce winter. The village of Awakening’s very existence is a paradox that is only the beginning of surprises that await Revin. A stranger she calls “Blue Eyes” brings up feelings she’s never experienced and a woman, the leader of the village, is oddly familiar though they’ve never met before. The journey becomes more than just the hunt as Revin unravels a conspiracy behind a ceremony, The Gathering, and something called the Time of the Burning. The situation becomes dire when she learns that the ritual may involve her and the golden dragon.

Book Cover: Ashes of the Dragon
Ashes of the Dragon

Title: Fire of the Covenant


Dragons are extinct! There’s no doubt about it until Fire in the veins of royal twins turns them into the Dragon-Called.


Princess Willoe and her twin brother Rowyn refuse to give up their dreams. Getting married against her wish isn’t something Willow will submit to. Neither will she allow her brother’s need for books and a life of contemplation to be ignored. At least she has an idea to put off the inevitable for a while.


Her plan has potential if not for two things: foreign priests of the Shin-il Way see the twins as necessary to their domination of the world, and the Burning Lady, Goddess over the Spirit World, requires that the twins fulfill a covenant a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the mythical dragons.


Now Willoe and her brother must prepare to fight, each in their own way, or face death or worse, enslavement.


If you like huge casts of fascinating characters, intricately interwoven storylines, and impressive worlds, you’ll love Peter Cruikshank’s Dragon-Called series.

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Book Cover: Fire of the Covenant
Fire of the Covenant