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Title: Betrayal of the Covenant


The Dragon-Called twins face more peril as they search for a way to control the Fire in their veins.

Pursued by minions of the vile Shin-il Priests the Dragon-Called twins, Willoe and Rowyn, journey into the perilous northern mountains. Their lives depend upon retrieving relics, created by the mythical dragons of old; rumored to control the dragons’ blood that flows through their veins.

Sellswords, Blood Stalkers, and Shades—creatures as much dead as alive—will do anything to prevent the Willoe and Rowyn from succeeding. And should the twins survive, they’re facing the impossible task of gathering an army and leading it against impregnable Tierran’s Wall to drive the invading Shin-il Priest from their island country.

Caught in a struggle for freedom and survival, they’re facing the biggest danger yet: a betrayal that may end the covenant and with it the twins’ ability to defeat the Olcas Mogwai, the great evil that led to the creation of the covenant in the first place.

If you like strong characters, evil creatures, intricately interwoven plots, and immersive worldbuilding, you’ll love Peter Cruikshank’s Dragon-Called series.

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Book Cover: Betrayal of the Covenant
Betrayal of the Covenant

Title: Fire of the Covenant


Dragons are extinct! There’s no doubt about it until Fire in the veins of royal twins turns them into the Dragon-Called.


Princess Willoe and her twin brother Rowyn refuse to give up their dreams. Getting married against her wish isn’t something Willow will submit to. Neither will she allow her brother’s need for books and a life of contemplation to be ignored. At least she has an idea to put off the inevitable for a while.


Her plan has potential if not for two things: foreign priests of the Shin-il Way see the twins as necessary to their domination of the world, and the Burning Lady, Goddess over the Spirit World, requires that the twins fulfill a covenant a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the mythical dragons.


Now Willoe and her brother must prepare to fight, each in their own way, or face death or worse, enslavement.


If you like huge casts of fascinating characters, intricately interwoven storylines, and impressive worlds, you’ll love Peter Cruikshank’s Dragon-Called series.

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Book Cover: Fire of the Covenant
Fire of the Covenant